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iQPS initiates a full-scale study to leverage SkyCompass-1 Optical Data Relay Service

Institute for Q-shu Pioneers of Space, Inc. (iQPS) and Space Compass Corporation (Space Compass) announced that iQPS will initiate a full-scale study to leverage “SkyCompass-1” high-capacity Optical Data Relay Service provided by Space Compass and Skyloom Global Corporation (Skyloom) for iQPS’s SAR satellites.

iQPS has successfully accomplished the development of a compact, high-resolution SAR(*1) satellite that weighs only one-twentieth of conventional SAR satellites. The company currently operates three SAR satellites, providing services that capture high-resolution and high-quality data regardless of the time of day or weather conditions. In May 2021, QPS-SAR-2 satellite, named “Izanami”, succeeded in acquiring images with a resolution of 70 cm, the highest ever achieved by a Japanese commercial SAR satellite, and iQPS have since begun full-scale operation to develop satellite data businesses. iQPS envisions contributing to the development of the world by establishing a 36-satellite constellation(*2), which, after 2025, will enable iQPS to observe almost anywhere in the world at average intervals of 10 minutes. 

As one of the key initiatives to realize the “Space Integrated Computing Network” vision, Space Compass, in partnership with Skyloom, plans to launch their first geostationary orbit satellite, “SkyCompass-1” and offer Optical Data Relay Services by the end of 2024, followed by additional deployment to achieve global coverage and full-service provision by 2026. Skyloom, a US-based telecommunications innovator is building and deploying the space and ground network. By adopting Space Compass and Skyloom's cutting-edge optical network technology, iQPS aims to make significant enhancement to its service to deliver high-capacity data/imagery in near-real time. 

We are pleased to initiate collaboration with Space Compass to study the use of SkyCompass-1 Optical Data Relay Service. The amount of data acquired by QPS-SAR constellation, which uses radar to observe earth’s surface, is several gigabytes at a time, and there are limitations to the timing of communication with ground stations when using direct downlinks. However, we believe that this SkyCompass service will serve as a significant tool in achieving our goal of the near-real time earth observation.” said Dr. Shunsuke Onishi, CEO, Institute for Q-Shu Pioneers of Space, Inc. 

"We are very excited to support iQPS in their successful deployment of high-quality Commercial SAR imagery. Together we will realize the dream of breaking the Space Data bottleneck with their high-quality products delivered to their customers with very low latency compared to existing data transport services. We are within reach of intelligent, on-orbit data routing guaranteeing iQPS information gets to where it needs to go at lightning speeds.” said Marcos D. Franceschini, CEO, Skyloom Global Corporation.

“Earth observation data from SAR satellites, provided by iQPS, is a groundbreaking service utilized in a variety of use cases, such as assessing the disaster situation and monitoring critical infrastructures. With the large volume of SAR data being generated by iQPS, a high-speed, highcapacity network is needed to maximize the image value to their end customer. We are confident that the Optical Data Relay Network being deployed by Space Compass and Skyloom will greatly improve the speed of delivery and the quality of iQPS services.” said Koichiro Matsufuji, Co-CEO, Space Compass. 

*1 SAR (Synthetic Aperture Rader): SAR is a type of remote sensing technology that uses radar to create high-resolution images of the earth’s surface. It is characterized by its ability to penetrate clouds and plumes, and to observe day and night. 
*2 Constellation: A system that enables high-frequency earth observation by multiple satellites. 

About Institute for Q-Shu Pioneers of Space, Inc. 

iQPS is a Japanese Space start-up established in Fukuoka in 2005. The company name “QPS” stands for “Q-shu Pioneers of Space” and it expresses the company’s desire to be a pioneer in the Kyushu space industry and to contribute to the development of the space industry in Japan and around the world. As the name suggests, it is based on the technology for developing small satellites at Kyusyu University, bringing together pioneering professors emeritus who have been involved in satellite development and space debris initiatives in Japan and overseas, and young engineers and businessmen. The iQPS business is also strongly supported by more than 25 partner companies throughout Japan, mainly northern Kyusyu, where their founders have passed on and nurtured space technology. For more information, visit our corporate website,

About Skyloom Global Corporation

Skyloom is a Broomfield, Colorado, USA-based telecommunications innovator founded with the mission to develop, deploy, and operate one of the fundamental pieces of tomorrow's space communication infrastructure for the provision of data transport services on a global and planetary scale. They leverage deep heritage in space optical communications to enable real time data transfer so that customers and decision makers can leverage perishable information.

About Space Compass Corporation 

Space Compass is a joint venture company between NTT, Japanese Information and 
Communications Technology (ICT) leader, and SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation, Asia’s largest satellite operator. We will launch a Space Integrated Computing Network to support the realization of a sustainable society. We are committed to improving our service by utilizing innovative 
technology including NTT’s IOWN. For more information, visit our corporate website,